Dynamic Project Management

DPM Consultancy UK Limited

We are proud to provide recommendations to implement helping you find and reduce risks to keep your staff,assets and buildings safe.

DPM Consultants have a trusted reputation and partnering with us will give you reliable and effective support.

Keeping our customers safe

lab, Berzelius glass

Legionella (L8) and water treatment

L8 risk assessments, annual water treatment contracts, L8 training, testing and monitoring and tank cleaning

clean kitchen

Deep cleaning for kitchens

Access hatch installation, cleaning of supply and extract duct work from fresh air intakes to diffusers/grilles

DPM van

Building and maintenance

Risk assessment, asset verification, conditions report, air quality sampling, deposit thickness testing and vacuum test, and conditional surveys

fire curtain example

Fire curtains

Flexible, lightweight fire curtains and barriers, to keep your assets, building and staff safe and sound.

We help you:

Meet legislative compliance and best practice – HVCA, COSHH and BSEN standards

Reduce the risk to buildings, equipment, staff and visitors from fire, air pollutants and contaminants.

Lower energy costs - clean equipment uses less energy and runs more efficiently

Increase equipment lifespan – well maintained assets are around for much longer.

Improve working and customer environment so they feel valued and at ease.

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Most recent works carried out

clean kitchen

OXO Tower Restaurant and Brasserie

Greenwich Peninsular O2, Citiwest Homes and Tower Blocks 


Advinia care Homes Bancroft

LSC Building Services, Overbury, The Warren Police Centre