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UK promises to test all care home residents and staff with coronavirus symptoms

LONDON — Britain promised in April to test all residents and employees of nursing homes who have COVID-19 symptoms after official data showed the death toll from the pandemic was far higher when the elderly in care were included.

DPM CONSULTANTS are still helping homes complete any compliant issues that need to be done from LEGIONELLA TESTING to refurbing bedrooms and KITCHEN DEEP CLEANS

Please get in touch for any of these and more. If you can answer the following then this will help you and us

We would need to know the following regarding COVID 19 

COVID 19 – Are there any confirmed or suspected cases on site? 

Can our Qualified staff dispose of PPE on site? 

Will there be infection control on entry and exit?

Any specific visitors process in place? 

Will the engineer be working in clean and safe environment and maintain social distancing? 

Has your site it been deep cleaned due to any cases of Covid19? 

At DPM CONSULTANTS we wish you all to stay safe from this Pandemic

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  1. dpmconsultancy on April 17, 2020 at 11:37 am

    DPM wish everyone to follow the Government’s guidelines and if we can be of any service please get in touch

    For the latest information on COVID-19 and how to minimise your risk of infection please go to the following websites:

    Dave Morgan

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