Ductwork Cleaning in London

DPM CONSULTANTS are in partnership with only the most qualified experts in our field. We provide complete duct cleaning services in London and throughout the UK. Our ductwork cleaning service will help you meet your legal obligations to keep your facility or building clean and healthy.

First, we survey of your system and provide a detailed assessment of risk, paying close attention to any issues or defects that affect the overall cleanliness of your duct system and making a note of any levels of accumulated dirt, dust, and debris inside the ventilation system that violate the current Industry Standard of Excellence.  

A significant proportion of such material can get through filters and settle on the inside of the extract duct. Dust and debris found in dirty ductwork can lead to the growth of various bacteria in ventilation systems. Flu and other common cold viruses can also spread through poorly maintained and uncleaned systems. 

DPM Consultants minimize the risk of such infections as we clean your ductwork with specialised brushes, air jets, and a variety of manual methods. DPM Consultants can remove all types of contamination, and where microbiological infection is an issue, we will disinfect the ducts.

Additionally, if your duct system has insufficient access points, DPM Consultants can install access doors at strategic points to enable regular cleaning and disinfection in the future. You can count on us to approach all of our work with professional pride, skill, and confidence, all while maintaining constant communication with you. 

All work undertaken is based on the following guidelines: 

  • BESA TR19 and CIBSE TM26 
  • BSEN:15780; and BG49/2013
  • BSRIA’s guide on Commissioning Air Systems 

Keep in mind that before any construction handover, you’ll need to ensure your site is cleaned out according to BS EN 15780 standards. Contact DPM CONSULTANTS today to schedule your ductwork cleaning services.